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Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson Poker Legend

Nick Name - Texas Dolly

WSOP Bracelets - 10 including 2 wins in 76-77 - the first back to back main event champion

Poker Room  - The Doyle Brunson Poker Room - is now Americas Cardroom

Poker Hand - 10  2 he won both WSOP championships completing a full house with it
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Video of Doyle Brunson in the Biggest Pot Ever in High Stakes Poker

Doyle Brunson faces Guy Laliberte of Cirque de Solei in a monster pot for 820K - Real Money

The Beginnings

Doyle Brunson was born in Longworth Texas May 10 1933.  He has played Poker Professionally for more than a half century.  In High School and College he was a promising Basketball Player and very competitive in nature.  During his college years an injury that happened on a job moving Sheetrock when more than a ton of it crushed his leg. That injury ended his basketball career but gave him more time to focus on his education.   After earning his masters degree in administrative education he took a job selling business machines but on his first day he was invited to play in a 7 card stud game. In that game he won more than a months salary - he soon quit to play poker as a professional.

Texas Dolly

Doyle started playing in illegal street games in Fort Worth Texas but soon  joined a group of professional poker players including Dwayne Hamilton, Sailor Roberts and Amarillo Slim making the rounds in Texas, "The Rounder's".  Some of these games were against Doctors and Lawyers but many were more on the shady side influenced by the mafia and other organized crime groups.  So a shotgun barrel in your face, a real beating  and getting robbed gave Doyle some down-home  education that would toughen nerves and sharpen senses.  There was no crying for mommy here - as these games were flat out illegal - he had to run from the cops, criminals and highjackers too They all wanted a piece of Texas Doyle.  Doyle was being announced one night as Texas Doyle, when the announcer - Jimmy Snyder, by mistake announced "Texas Dolly" - The Name Stuck.

Doyle Brunson Interview

Doyle BrunsonPoker Legend

After six years of fleecing Texas, Doyle and some friends with a six figure bankroll went to take on Vegas,  well they lost - all of it.  That Didn't stop Doyle Brunson though, and neither did cancer, at one point he was only given three months to live.  That was more than 40 years ago.  So Doyle moved to Las Vegas.  In 1976 Doyle competed in the biggest Texas No Limit Hold em Tournament in the World at the World Series of Poker.  He came from behind to win, and with a ten duce - He made a Full House.  In 1977 he did it again winning the WSOP with a 10-2 making a full house again - This made Doyle Brunson the first back to back winner in history - a legend is made. 

Super System

In 1978 Doyle Brunson with the help of other poker pros Bobby Baldwin, Mike Caro, Dave Skelansky, Chip Reese and Joey Hawthorne published the bible of Poker -  Super System - the top selling poker book of all time.  The book offers a complete guide to Poker Limit and No Limit Hold em as well as seven card stud,  High Low Split, Lowball, Draw Poker and Razz.  It was the first poker book ever published that gave inside information into how the top poker pros play.  It has a general poker strategy section including money management and is detailed to the point where it tells you how to play different hands.  With over 600 pages of the best poker tips available it is one of every poker players must haves for their poker library.  In 2004 Doyle and more pros published a sequel to Super System - Super System 2 containing fresh information including a must read section on internet poker.

Doyle Brunson's Super SystemDoyle Brunson's Super System 2

Doyle Brunson Poker Room

With the innovation of the internet and online poker Doyle endorsed the Doyle Brunson Poker Room -  It is one of the most successful online poker sites with real money players accepted from all countries.  Doyle and his son Todd Brunson play at bounty tournaments here where you get a chance to beat them for free when you first sign up.   Americas Card Room has recently changed and upgraded site wide, offers 7 guaranteed tournaments every day, $100K Guaranteed every week and $250K Guaranteed once a month.  They have great promotions and and exciting deposit bonus that when added up is arguably the best in online poker.

The Legend Continues

Doyle Brunson is the most influential poker player on the planet in comparison to other sports he is like Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan.   He regularly plays in the biggest real money poker games and tournaments in the world. Doyle was the first poker player to win back to back WSOP titles. Since then Doyle has continued Winning and has compiled Ten WSOP poker bracelets. Second only to Phil Hellmuth.  Doyle continues to play at the WSOP each year as well as his son Todd Brunson and Daughter Pamela. Doyle is also featured on many televised poker events including the World Poker Tour and Late Night Poker.

Doyle Brunson on What Poker is All About

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