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PKR PokerPlaying PKR's 3d poker is a thrilling experience with fully customizable avatars in rich 3d environments.  Online poker is fun, but PKR brings the experience up several notches by making it an experience beyond and other online poker site, and as near as you can get to a night on the town playing poker.  Its always interesting to view the other characters and see the detail of their characters which is individual as we are from each other. The 3d software allows characters to use "emotes" which can taunt or complement opponents, perform chip tricks and more.  Stacked Magazine does an in depth look at how the avatars have been created an continue to evolve. PKR currently offers a great sign up bonus, use the PKR bonus code: "HOTPOKER" for a 100% bonus on up to an $800 deposit.

3d Poker Room Environments

3d poker room settings at PKR are growing all the time.  The two most recent poker rooms come from a deal with PKR with Loaded and Nuts Magazines in the UK, both rooms offer a rich environment with top cover models on the walls.  When you play at PKR you are not sitting at any old poker table - you are immersed in a graphics rich 3d set.  More 3d poker room sets include Chinatown, Atlantis, Las Vegas, Las Vegas High Roller, Monte Carlo, Cruise Ship, Egyptian Casino, Studio PKR, Vintage Bar, Club Metro and a home poker game. 


PKR 3d PokerThere is a high degree of customization for building your own 3d avatar.  In the dressing room get started by creating a unique character which includes body type and build, and pigmentation.  Facial features - everything down to the size and shape of your chin, the size of your eyes (color too), nose and brow - even how masculine / feminine the character looks. To add to this you can pick your hair style from long punk rock to bald, facial hair too from clean shaven to full beard and many variations of goatees. For clothes you start with several sets of pants, T-shirts and shirts, along with hats and shoes.  The more you play the more features that are available to you including more clothing, sunglasses, headphones, watches and other bling. Tattoos are another cool addition to your character.  The more you play, the more cool things your character can do to with a collection of live 3d chip tricks that your character can add to their repertoire. 


PKR gives you a toolbox of different ways for your character to express themselves right at the control of your finger tips.  This 3rd dimension that PKR adds to your online poker allows for you to use movements, sounds even the way your dressed to impact the poker game.  There is animated gestures, chip tricks, eye contact and facial movements  just like in a real poker game.  You can also complement a hand, laugh and even boo as it suits you.  You can even set your character's mood sad, happy or angry even nervous.  You can use your emotes to help you fake out an opponent by disguising a bluff or hiding your strength.  Watch the other opponents and you may pick up online tells in their play by watching their how they act.  This is the most realistic online poker software available, with a solid reputation (winner of the 2009 online poker operator of the year), and it is the best practice that you can get for the real world.

Camera Angles

PKR Home Poker GameNo matter what 3d poker room you are in you have your choice of camera angles to watch the action.  To start with, like most online poker sites there is and overhead view of the table where you can watch all the action at once.  The first person is a great feature where you can watch, when you play from the players perspective just like in a real poker room.  The directional mode allows for views from the four points of the compass - north, west, south and east.  In dynamic viewing you watch the action from the best possible point of view - from the flop to each players decision, the camera is always zoomed in to where the action is.  In the orbital view you control the camera and can view the table at the angle of your choosing from overhead to a certain location or to explore the rich 3d environment of the particular poker room.  There is also a great multi table feature that allows you to view up to 4 tables at once. For more on PKR visit our PKR Review or view the PKR Download Guide

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