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PokerStars Rake and Rakeback


PokerStars Rake - Overview

Cash Games - 1%-5%, Max Range $.04 - $5.00 - Average + No flop = No Drop Policy

Sit N Gos - 10% on games over $3.00 / 9% on $100 declining as stakes go up  Average - $.25 + 0 SNG a Great Deal.

Tournaments - 10% or less on games $1 - $90 - Average - $.50 + 0 Tourneys Great Deal.



PokerStars Accepts US Players US Players                           NO

Room Rating                              Top Rated Poker Site

Poker Stars First Deposit Bonus         
100% up to $600

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PokerStars Rakeback

PokerStars rakeback equivalent is their VIP Club.  With cash back based on your level of play the VIP Club at the supernova elite level is equivalent rage of 25% to 32% The VIP calculator is like a PokerStars rakeback calculator it shows depending on your play how many points.  That is very competitive with rakeback at other sites.  There is a real money rakeback equivalent at PokerStars and there  is also a good deposit bonus of 100% up to $600 on your first three deposits. 

PokerStars Rakeback VIp Club

PokerStars Rakeback Code

PokerStars rakeback code - PokerStars does not use rakeback but has its own internal VIP Club.  PokerStars marketing codes and bonus codes are used when signing up for new players to claim the maximum First Deposit Bonus at PokerStars.  In place of a rakeback code use the PokerStars marketing code since there is no PokerStars rakeback code.

PokerStars Rake

Cash Game Rake

PokerStars Rake on cash games varies on type of game played, the number of players and the stakes played at.  Most games are raked at 5% even the micro limits which is better than other poker rooms.  At higher stakes in both limit and no limit games the rake is 1%. 

Heads Up - The rake on heads up games is 5% with a max rake of $.50.  This only applies to one on one tables.

PokerStars Rake on Pot Limit and No Limit Texas Hold' em Cash Games
Limits # Players Rake % Max Rake
$.01/$.02 > $25/$50 2-3 5% $1.00
$.01/$.02 > $25/$50 4-5 5% $2.00
$.01/$.02 > $25/$50 6-9 5% $3.00
$100 / $200 + 2-3 1% $2.00
$100 / $200 + 4-10 1% $5.00

Sit N Go Fees

Fees for Sit N Gos on average are about 10%.  Micro limit multi table $.25 + 0 are are great deal. Single table Sit N Goes range from 20 % for the $1 + .20 buy in and 13.33% for the 9 player $3 + .40 are a bit pricy but better than some poker sites. from $5 up to $50 the fee is 10% the same as other poker rooms. Starting at $100 + 9 the fee is 9% and drops from there to 4.5% at $2000 + 90.

Tournament Fees

Another great deal at micro limits are the $.50 + 0 tournaments.  From $1 to $90 the standard fee on most tournaments is 10%.  Then up from there the fees drop at $100 (9 percent) and continue down to 4.5%

Rake Review

PokerStars rake in micro limit cash games is better than other poker sites.  They also offer a no flop - no flop policy. There is great micro limit low rakes and fees - but choose carefully.  Heads up cash games are great too with a max rake of $.50.  Tournaments and Sit and Gos are about average with most games under $100 at about a 10% fee.  Above that level the rake declines from 9% at $100 to 4.5% for the $2000 + 90 Sit N Go.  Overall PokerStars has the best rake structure for micro limit players, and better than average rakes for higher limit cash games. For more information on poker rake visit Wikipedia's page on poker rake

PokerStars Rakeback VIp Club