PokerStars Review September 2023
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100% Deposit Bonus - Double your money up to $600 - Take 6 months to clear your bonus money

Huge Money Tournaments - The Biggest and Best Selection

Micro limit Deals - Cheapest rake for Micro limits



PokerStars Accepts US Players US Players                           NO

Room Rating                              Top Rated Poker Site

Poker Stars First Deposit Bonus         
100% up to $600

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September 2023 PokerStars

Deposit Bonus and Marketing Codes

PokerStars Deposit Bonus is Now 100% up to $600. The PokerStars Deposit Bonus promotion is open to new players who make a cash deposit.  When you sign up, start by downloading the poker software and installing it on your computer. PokerStars accepts players from all countries, and the software installs on PC's and on Mac's. After the software is installed run the program and click on create new account. Set your user name and enter your account information.  Enter your PokerStars marketing code for September 2023 PSP10732, Use PokerStars Bonus Code STARS600 make your first real money deposit and claim your deposit bonus.

Deposit Options

PokerStars has a  great selection of secure, quick deposit methods. On their site they have a great breakdown of deposit options by country in a simple to read chart, that shows all available deposit and withdrawal options for that country.  The minimum deposit is $10 but that varies by payment type. Popular Deposit Options Include:

VISA - Most countries

MasterCard - Most countries

Diners Card - Most countries

EChecks - Most countries

Netteller - Not Available in the US and Canada.

Moneybookers - Instantaneous transactions in over 30 currencies

Bank Draft -  Send directly to PokerStars

Bonus Clearing

Clear your deposit bonus by playing in real money ring games and tournaments. You need to collect frequent player points (FPP) at the rate of 10 to clear $1 of bonus money. You can make up to 3 deposits in the first 60 days and have 6 months to clear your bonus.

Cash Ring Games

Earn Frequent Player Points in cash games at the rate of up to 3 per hand. For 1 on 1 games and Texas Holdem Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit - receive the first point when the pot reaches $.40 (for all other games its $1), the second when it reaches $3.00 ($2.00 at 6 max tables) and the third when it reaches $5.00.

Real Money Tournaments

For real money tournaments and Sit N Gos receive 5 Frequent Player Points for each $1 dollar of tournament fees paid. Fractional FPP's are awarded in tenths.

PokerStars Tournaments are some of the largest online the Sunday Guaranteed is a minimum prize pool of 1.0 million and $100, 000 to first place.  With a regular buy in of $200 + 15 or win one of many satellites that run all week long.  Micro stakes tournaments at PokerStars are some of the best values in online poker.

Claim Your Bonus

Go to the PokerStars website and download and install the software.  Create your new account and enter the PokerStars Marketing Code when prompted. Finish claiming your bonus by making first cash deposit. Since this is a one time offer we recommend that you make the $600 deposit to take full advantage of the 100% deposit Bonus.

Download PokerStars for Free

The PokerStars software is easy to download and install - with broadband it takes less than a minute and the file is 9MB.  When you sign up to play enter marketing code PSP10372 and receive a $50 deposit bonus.

PC Requirements (Minimum)

Operating System - Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0, XP, or Vista
CPU -100Mz (Vista 800MHz)
Ram - 64MB(95, 98, ME) / 96MB (2000, NT 4.0, XP) / 512MB Vista
Disk Space - 20MB
Modem Speed - 56.6kps
Graphics - Screen Resolution of 800X600 and 256 Colours

Requirements for Optimal Performance

Operating System - Windows 7 or 10
CPU -333Mz (Vista 800MHz)
Ram - 128MB -256MB (Vista 1GB)
Disk Space - 60MB
Modem Speed - Broadband
Graphics - Screen Resolution of 1024X768 and 16 bit Colours

Download PokerStars for Macintosh

The PokerStars Mac software is easy to download and install - with broadband it takes less than a minute and the file is 9MB.  When you sign up to play enter marketing code PSP10372 and receive a $50 deposit bonus. More details are available on the PokerStars site. Pokerstars works on Mackbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Desktop Mac's.

Mac Requirements (Minimum)

Operating System - Macintosh OS X 10.04.10 or later
CPU -G4 or G5 Intel Mac
Ram -512MB
Disk Space - 60MB
Modem Speed - 56.6kps
Graphics - Screen Resolution of 1024X768 and 256 Colours

PokerStars Mac Download

Operating System - Macintosh OS X 10.04.10 or later
CPU -G4 1Gz + or G5 Intel Mac
Ram -1024MB
Disk Space - 100MB
Modem Speed - 128kps or Broadband
Graphics - Screen Resolution of 1024X768 or higher

Download Pokerstars for Mac

PokerStars Real Money Poker

New PokerStars real money players get a fantastic deposit match bonus of 100% up to 600 bucks. This over is for new players making their first deposit.  PokerStars offers a huge range of options especially for European players.  Their online deposit guide is very simple. Pick your country and a table comes up with all available deposit and withdrawal methods for that country with links to much greater detail on each one. Sign up using both the PokerStars marketing code and the PokerStars bonus code to claim the maximum new player deposit bonus.

PokerStars VIP Calculator

PokerStars Rewards are their VIP Club.  With cash back based on your level of play the VIP Club at the supernova elite level is equivalent rage of 25% to 32% The VIP calculator is like a rakeback calculator it shows depending on your play how many points.  That is very competitive with rakeback at other sites.  There is a real money rakeback equivalent at PokerStars and there  is also a good deposit bonus of 100% up to $600 on your first three deposits. 

PokerStars does not use rakeback but has its own internal VIP Club.  PokerStars marketing codes and bonus codes are used when signing up for new players to claim the maximum First Deposit Bonus at PokerStars.  In place of a rakeback code use the PokerStars marketing code since there is no PokerStars rakeback code.

PokerStars Rake

PokerStars Rake on cash games varies on type of game played, the number of players and the stakes played at.  Most games are raked at 5% even the micro limits which is better than other poker rooms.  At higher stakes in both limit and no limit games the rake is 1%. 

Heads Up - The rake on heads up games is 5% with a max rake of $.50.  This only applies to one on one tables.

PokerStars Rake on Pot Limit and No Limit Texas Hold' em Cash Games
Limits # Players Rake % Max Rake
$.01/$.02 > $25/$50 2-3 5% $1.00
$.01/$.02 > $25/$50 4-5 5% $2.00
$.01/$.02 > $25/$50 6-9 5% $3.00
$100 / $200 + 2-3 1% $2.00
$100 / $200 + 4-10 1% $5.00

Sit N Go Fees

Fees for Sit N Gos on average are about 10%.  Micro limit multi table $.25 + 0 are are great deal. Single table Sit N Goes range from 20 % for the $1 + .20 buy in and 13.33% for the 9 player $3 + .40 are a bit pricy but better than some poker sites. from $5 up to $50 the fee is 10% the same as other poker rooms. Starting at $100 + 9 the fee is 9% and drops from there to 4.5% at $2000 + 90.

Tournament Fees

Another great deal at micro limits are the $.50 + 0 tournaments.  From $1 to $90 the standard fee on most tournaments is 10%.  Then up from there the fees drop at $100 (9 percent) and continue down to 4.5%

Rake Review

PokerStars rake in micro limit cash games is better than other poker sites.  They also offer a no flop - no flop policy. There is great micro limit low rakes and fees - but choose carefully.  Heads up cash games are great too with a max rake of $.50.  Tournaments and Sit and Gos are about average with most games under $100 at about a 10% fee.  Above that level the rake declines from 9% at $100 to 4.5% for the $2000 + 90 Sit N Go.  Overall PokerStars has the best rake structure for micro limit players, and better than average rakes for higher limit cash games. For more information on poker rake visit Wikipedia's page on poker rake

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit Options include VISA and MasterCard which July be the easiest.  You can also send a money order. See our page on PokerStars Deposit Bonus for a more detailed list of deposit and withdrawal options.

Minimum Deposit

The PokerStars minimum deposit is $10 - The minimum amount by deposit method July vary.

PokerStars VIP Points Program

PokerStars real money players are automatically part of the VIP points program. There is no PokerStars Rakeback deals as far as most rakeback deals are normally made.  The PokerStars Rakeback equivalent program entitles all players to collect points which can be converted back to cash though the VIP Club. PokerStars is the worlds largest poker room in large part to its VIP point program which is competitive to other poker rakeback sites online. Frequent player points or FPP are the building blocks of VIP points and are earned when you play in real money raked cash games and tournaments.  FPP points are earned based on the amount of rake that you contribute to the pot.  You start out at the bronze level earning 1 FPP per VIP point or VPP.  The VPP benefits start at 750 points the silver level at that point you start to earn points at 1.5X faster this continues until at the supernova elite level you earn FPP at 5X the starting rate.  The counter is reset every month so you need to maintain your level of play to keep at a certain VIP level.  PokerStars rake is competitive with other online poker sites and better than land based poker rooms.  The automatic VIP Club program is PokerStars rakeback equivalent, and the success of the program is reflected in the number of players that play at PokerStars which is still the worlds biggest online poker site with nearly twice the number of players of its nearest competitor. Learn more about the PokerStars VIP point program.

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