Signup Codes

Poker signup codes make playing poker online an enriching experience. Some sign up bonus codes give the player an additional bonus while others do not and the player gets the same as other players and is the best bonus.  The signup code tells the poker room who is referring that particular player and using that signup code what bonuses are included with it. For some sites the difference between signup codes and bonus codes is blurred, but they are the same thing.

Poker Signup Codes

Devilfish Poker - The Devilfish - David Ulliott Winner of more than 5 million in professional tournaments
Devilfish Poker 200% Bonus
 up to €2000
Devilfish Poker Signup Code  HOT2KBONUS  Devilfish Poker Table 
Party Poker - Join The Party Online
Party Poker 100% Bonus
 up to $500
Party Poker Signup Code HOTBONUS  PartyPoker Table 
Cake Poker - Have your Cake and eat it too.
Cake Poker Site 110% Bonus
 up to $660
Cake Poker Signup Code  HOTBONUS Cake Poker Table