Americas Cardroom is a haven for cash game players

September 24, 2019

$6 Million Dollar Venom Tournament

Why do so many poker sites suck? Seriously. If you’re a cash game player, poker sites are absolute trash. They want your money. They want you to play. But they don’t want to make it easy. They don’t want to reward you for it. And it’s almost like they want you to run away after playing a few hands.

Every site except for Americas Cardroom. More on that in a sec. First, let’s take a look at what makes these sites so bad:

• Other sites want to ban you from using Heads-up Displays. It’s like they don’t want you to improve your game, get better at poker, essentially pay more rake, and make the site money.

• So many popular (and unpopular) sites shun the use of Hand Histories. It boggles the mind.

• Rewards? Laugh out loud at that! Rewards programs are pretty much non-existent at many popular poker sites. Or, they exist, but they might as well not exist because they’re such rubbish.

• Play more than one table at once? If you’re lucky, you can hit two of them. But no more than that. More bollocks for the rubbish bin if you ask us.

Sounds pretty horrible, right? Thankfully, there’s Americas Cardroom, which is a dream for cash game players with all this:

• Play 24 tables at once
• Use Hand Histories and Heads-up Displays
• Get rewarded big time through Elite Benefits, a poker rewards program that pays you for ranking up
• Make money every week through The Beast, a points race just for cash game players

Amazing, right? Tourney players are taken care of too. The $6 Million Venom starts November 27th and capitalizes on the success of the recent $5 Million Venom, which saw a final prize pool of $6,382,400.

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