BOTs suffer crushing blow at Americas Cardroom

October 14, 2019

Are you a BOT?  Before you get annoyed, we promise not to show you a CAPTCHA and force you to prove that you aren't a robot.  We'll take your word for it, but don't get too excited either if you happen to be a BOT or rely on them to play poker. 

In case you haven't been paying attention, Americas Cardroom has managed to do a crushing blow on BOTs!

Thanks to the US-facing site's latest software upgrade, BOTs are more than just unwelcome at Americas Cardroom. Recently, online BOT provider War Bot removed Americas Cardroom from their list of supported sites, and Shanky technologies ( and Kraken, Medusa ( have reported that their BOTS are currently not working on the site. 

New software is just one piece of Americas Cardroom's approach in battling BOTs.  The site has expanded their BOT detection team and they now pay players who are affected by BOTs.  Since instituting this refund policy, players have had $450,000 returned to them. Also, 12 players have been banned for using BOTs at Americas Cardroom.  Of course, that number isn't expected to rise much due to the new measure taken on the site.

While an almost BOT-free environment is enough of a reason to visit Americas Cardroom, we have an even better one.  Naturally, we're referring to the upcoming $6 Million Venom.  The multi-day tournament gets going on November 27th and features a $1 Million first-place prize!

But don't count down the weeks until the biggest tournament of all time.  You can win your $2,650 seat for free by taking advantage of $0 step tournaments right now.  The best part is you shouldn’t have to battle any BOTs in the process. 

$6 Million Dollar Venom Tournament

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