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Full Tilt Doesn't Download On Mac

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Full Tilt Poker Doesn't Download on Mac

Full Tilt Poker is Shut Down in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany the EU, and World wide because the site is shut down and has been called a Ponzi scheme by the US DOJ - It scammed players. For more information on Full Tilt not Being available read the article: Full Tilt Poker is Closed

To play poker online at safe sites check out the best us poker sites for us players or the best non us poker sites for the rest of the world.

Full Tilt Download for MacintoshFull Tilt Poker Software System Requirements for Macintosh

Minimum Mac Requirements

Operating System - Mac OS 10.3.9
CPU -800Mz G4
Ram - 512MB
Disk Space - 30MB
Modem Speed - 56.6kps
Graphics - Runs on all Macs

Recommended - Mac Requirements for Optimal Performance

Operating System - Windows XP or Vista
CPU - G5 or Intel
Ram - 512MB
Disk Space - 30MB
Modem Speed - Broadband
Graphics - Runs on all Macs

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