Full Tilt Poker Not Connecting

Full Tilt Poker Not Connecting in Canada and UK

No Connection at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker Wont Load

Players at Full Tilt Poker are not happy that the site will not connect or load. The problem is that the site is out of money, lost their gambling licence and is under investigation by the US Department of Justice.

Full Tilt Poker Doesn't Connect

Full Tilt Poker does not connect because it is shut down in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany the EU, and World wide because the site is shut down and has been called a Ponzi scheme by the US DOJ - It scammed players. For more information on Full Tilt not Being available read the article: Full Tilt Poker is Closed

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Full Tilt PokerJust The Facts

Full Tilt Poker was charged by the DOJ on April 15 20011

Their Website was taken over by the DOJ

A Few days later it reappeared as FullTiltPoker.co.uk

Then a deal was made with the DOJ not to accept any more us players and they got their website back

On June 29th the Alderney Gambling commission pulled their gambling licence and the site went down world wide.

On September 19th the US DOJ brought on more charges said that Full Tilt Poker Was running a Global Ponzi Scheme. 

 Is Full Tilt Poker Coming Back?

Not Open To First Time Depositors

Full Tilt is not open to poker players making their first deposit.  As a first time depositor you had a chance to take advantage of the promotion is to deposit the maximum $600 in your initial deposit.  You only had one chance to get your bonus, when you make your first deposit.

What Bonuses were like at Full Tilt Poker

Deposit Amount Deposit Bonus 100% Total Chips
50 (minimum) 50 100
100 100 200
150 150 300
200 200 400
250 250 500
300 300 600
350 350 700
400 400 800
450 450 900
500 500 1000
550 550 1100
600 (maximum) 600 1200

Full Tilt Deposit Bonus

Official - Validated - Guaranteed: Full Tilt Poker is Closed


Full Tilt Not Working
Full Tilt Poker Not Connecting


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