Americas Cardroom makes entering Venom easier with Cyclones

November 9, 2019

Americas Cardroom (ACR) is getting ready for the $6 Million GTD Venom tournament in November and, with $1 million in guaranteed cash going to the big winner, this Venom is going to be bigger than the last. Grabbing a seat is possible by paying the $2,650 buy-in, or through any of the many regular Satellites, Mega Satellites, Step Tourneys and Skip Tourneys ACR has prepared. But, there's also another way and it promises to be even more exciting.

ACR Venom Cyclones

ACR is putting together Cyclone events starting November 14th. These events, available for either mobile or desktop, are a type of Blitz satellite that is blazing fast. Players begin by selecting a Step of the seven available they want to buy into, with the first Step at just 25 cents, and, once 5,000 chips are collected, advancing to the next level is automatic. If you make it all the way through Step 7, you pick up a $2,650 Venom seat!

What makes Cyclones even more awesome is that you don't lose your chip stack if you drop out – when you come back to the game, all the chips will still be there. Also, finish with over 5,000 chips on your last hand – for example, 5,500 chips – and you earn a Step ticket to the next Step with the 5,000 chips, while the other 500 will be used to automatically re-seat you at a table in your current Step. This means there's potentially an unlimited number of Venom seats with just one Cyclone entry!

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on Cyclones and the $6 Million Venom.