Reverse Post Oak Bluff

Reverse post oak bluff - A great way to BS a player with a weak or medium hand into making a reasonable bluff to get you more money in the pot. The stage - on the flop you make a monster a flush, straight, full house or quads - the nuts or very close. You want to milk this sucker for all its worth so you toss in a minimum bet (post oak bluff). It looks like your making a weak attempt to steal the pot - many players will play back at you with a reasonable bet.  At this point should call if another card wont put you in jeopardy.  On the turn check or make another small bet. If he raises you here again, re-raise but keep it about the same size as their bet or slightly larger ( you want tit for tat action to build a pot. If it gets to the river - get more aggressive and get more - even all in right away. Massage this to your situation and you should be able to steal more pots cheaply and make an occasional big haul by inducing a bluff in your opponent with a reverse post oak bluff. Of coarse at Hot Poker Bonus Codes we recommend a scorched earth policy filling your pockets and eating your competition alive. Find more poker strategy tips.

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