Daniel Negreanu Small Ball Poker Strategy

How Daniel Negreanu plays small ball poker

Daniel NegreanuPoker Pro Daniel Negreanu aka Kid Poker; is a four time WSOP bracelet winner and has won 2 WPT poker championships.  Daniel is from Toronto Canada and a big fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey team. His successful style of play is called small ball. He uses the strategy in cash games and tournaments to turn normally unprofitable hands into profitable ones.  He seems like he plays like a maniac - but he's not, there a solid mathematical basis to the way he plays.  In the following 3 advanced poker strategy videos, Daniel takes an amateur player and teaches him small ball to advance his game and help him go pro.  Follow along and gain valuable strategy tips that have been built on years of real life experience.  Daniel teaches small ball poker strategy at www.pokervt.com

Small Ball Poker

Daniel takes an amateur poker player and teaches him strategy and tips on how to improve his game.  Small ball poker strategy is risking less to win more.

Pot Odds / Traps / Phantom Poker / Defending Blinds

Tips for Turning Pro

Daniel Negreanu and Erik Lindgren commentate on how amateur player Cole is doing putting his new small ball skills to work in a real game. 

Daniel Negreanu - Power Hold'em Strategy

Daniel Negreanu Small Ball StrategyDaniel has written a great Book on Small Ball with tons of detailed explanations and strategy tips. Read his book to improve your game even more. Daniel plays poker online at PokerStars - the worlds largest online poker site.   Daniel also has a virtual training poker site - Poker VT where there is arguably the best virtual poker training online for small ball poker strategy.

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