Gus Hansen Poker Strategy

How does Gus Hansen Play Poker?

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen aka The Great Dane is a Danish born poker pro that lives in Monaco.  Gus has won the 2007 Aussie Millions and three World Poker Tour Titles. He is also an accomplished backgammon player. Gus is famous for his loose style of play which traps his opponents when he has a made hand.   The following are clips from his video series - Advanced Strategies with Gus Hansen. A warning though these plays are only for players with a solid game and thousands of hands of experience.  This style of play works well against tight players - where tight play works best against loose players while setting traps.

Basic Theory / Position / Starting Hands

The most important thing to start with in no-limit holdem is to have the basics correct. 

Aggressive Play

First in the pot gives you the best chance to win it.  This holds true especially late in tournaments with blinds and antes the pot can be quite large.


Pre-flop Strategy - Trouble Hands / Early Tournament Play

Limping In / Short Stacked Play

How to Play When Nobody Hits the Flop

Changing Gears / River Play

Trapping When You Make The Nuts

Winning Extra Pots with Aggressive Play

Small consistent bluffing makes you money - large bluffs occasionally may be correct but very rare.


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