Video Poker Strategy Card for Jacks or Better

The Video poker strategy card for jacks or better.  Use the free card as a reference to decide how many cards to throw away to maximize your chances of winning. Also check out our Texas Hold em Poker Strategy Card. Two versions for you to download - the one on the left is in Microsoft Excel and The one on the right is in Jpeg format.  Simply right click and select print.

Video Poker Strategy Card

Video Poker Strategy Card - Jacks or Better
Your Hand Discard
Royal Flush 0
Straight Flush 0
4 of a Kind 1
4 Car Royal Flush 1
Full House 0
Flush 0
Three of a Kind 2
Straight 0
4 Card Straight Flush Draw (open ended) 1
4 Card Straight Flush Draw (Gutshot) 1
Two Pairs 1
Pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces 3
3 Card Royal Flush 2
4 Card Flush 1
Small Pair (2's-10's) 3
4 Card Straight (Sequential or not) 1
3 Card Straight Flush (Sequencial or not) 2
2 Card Royal Flush 3
3 High Cards (10-A) 2
2 High Cards (10-A) 3
1 High Cards (10-A) 4
Nothing - (Zip) 5
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