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Full Tilt Poker Is Closed

Full Tilt Poker is Closed 
Full Tilt Poker is closed until further notice to all players.

After the seizure of assets by the US DOJ Full Tilt Poker was having trouble financially and then seeing the risk to players the Alderney Gaming Commission Revoked Full tilt Poker's Licence. The site has been offline since the 29th of June 2011. Players who are owed money must wait for the licence reinstatement hearing in September to see further news.  If the problem was minor the site would be back online by now so its nature is quite severe.

Where to play now?

We have compiled two lists one is the top poker sites that still accept US players and the other is the best non US poker sites for the lowest risk sites for the rest of the world.

Full Tilt Poker Review

Full Tilt Poker was the worlds fastest growing and second largest online poker site. Full Tilt Pros Patrick Antonius, Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harman all play here with over 130 poker pros in total. Plenty of opportunity existed here, if you wanted it, to crack the pros with your nuts - But they cracked your nuts and took your money.  Full Tilt is well known for the numbers of top scammers at the lower and medium blind levels.  Guaranteed tournaments ( with other peoples money) ran around the clock and there was always a game to be had at any level of play.  The software was easy to use, great graphics, handy tools and entertaining to experience. Overall Full Tilt is rated as ponzi.

Signup Bonus - Closed

Full Tilt offered a 100% deposit bonus for real money players up to $600. This is based on the amount of your first deposit - so the larger your deposit the larger your bonus.

Referral Code / Bonus Code - Closed

Full Tilt Poker is Shutdown  Lost your money - See Full Tilt Poker is Closed and Full Tilt Poker is Shut Down.  You may also want to check more information on the Full Tilt Poker not Connecting

Deposit and Withdrawal Options are Not Available

Depositing and Withdrawing of player funds are not available.

Deposit methods for Full Tilt Poker are VISA or MasterCard.  Many others are available but these are real simple and very fast.  Deposit amount would ideally be 20X the maximum buy in of the tables that you are looking to play at.  This is a Full Poker bankroll.  For instance at the No Limit 0.10/0.25 tables the maximum buy in is $25.00 so 20X$25 = $500.  This gives you enough capital to play a lot of games, and keep your focus on the game not the money.

Promotions and Loyalty Program - Closed

Full Tilt Poker features a first deposit bonus, daily happy hours and guarantees WSOP entries. Get your chance to play against the pros, Full Tilt is where the real action is.  FTP - Full Tilt Points is Full Tilt's loyalty program. Earn points in Full Tilt real money cash games and tournaments.  Cash in your points for tournament entries, merchandise and more.                             

Download - Shut Down

The download for Full Tilt Poker takes up little space on your hard drive and download time is less than one minute. Full Tilt Poker for Mac is also available.

Poker School - Shut Down

The Full Tilt Poker Academy offers great poker instruction to improve your poker game.  Strategy videos by top pros take you up every level of play from armature through to professional.


Full Tilt Poker rake is the same or often less than other online poker sites.  At the medium and higher stakes Full Tilt's rake is often less than its competitors.

Tournaments - Shut Down

Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker are some of the biggest online - daily, weekly and monthly (with Sunday Guarantees being the biggest).  There is also a frequent player promotion called the iron man challenge which is very profitable to average or better frequent players.

Beginner Tips - Don't Play Here

If your into holdem and don't have much experience it pays to play limit holdem to start and sit'n goes.  These help develop your experience level with less risk of a few misplayed hands costing you much money.  Make sure that you play at a level where you are not short stacked as this will limit you winnings when you make a hand.  You should be checking with the Full Tilt Academy to help improve your game.

Intermediate Tips - Don't Play Here

Cash games are the most profitable.  Keep a record of your sessions to make sure you are profitable.  If you are not, move down levels until you are over a period of a week of steady play in the money.  If you are showing good profits keep moving up levels, you will find that changing a level can increase your profits.

Advanced Tips - Don't Play Here

Watch the pros, chat with them ask questions and learn.  In the big money games its full of sharks so try to stay away from contests with the sharks. Look to find particular players that you can make a lot off of them and treat them good.

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